Morgan Rothschild Academy is a bilingual Early Childhood Education program in Shanghai, China, with 30% of our instructions are in Chinese and 70% of our instructions are in English. We have about 65 students. 30% of our students are from China; 20% of our students are from Japan; 20% of our students from European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland; 30% of our students are overseas Chinese from New Zealand, U.S., Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia. Our program facilitates children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth through a curriculum attuned to the individual child’s unique pattern of development. Children are divided based on age group, beginning with the nursery and progressing to the kindergarten class. Classes focus on virtues, language and literacy, social relations, music and movement, phonics, and art appreciation. Class sizes range from 16 (Nursery) ~18 (Preschool and Kindergarten).