Morgan’s Teachers

Expert Management

Our Morgan Rothschild staff is led by our director, Mr. Morgan Huang, who previously worked at Harvard University-affiliated Radcliffe Child Care Center. Morgan received his Master of Education from Harvard University, U.S.A. His major field of interest is Mind, Brain and Education. His mentors include the current Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education, Dr. Kathleen McCartney, who is a world-renown expert on child care; and the famous psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner, who is best known for his ground-breaking Multiple Intelligence Theory. Morgan also underwent a series of professional training administered by the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation on Infant-Toddler Teaching, Preschool Teaching and Trainer Training.

Rigorous Training

It begins with your child’s primary teacher, trained in early childhood development by Morgan Rothschild. We provide teaching manuals, tried and true methodology for our teachers to follow, and yet, there is flexibility for the teachers to innovate and share with the children for greater learning and exploration. The primary teacher, who will be with your child to provide familiarity, continuity and individual attention, moves with the class through a series of learning environments.

Abundant Resources

Small group sizes and well-trained, educated teachers are the cornerstones of a high-quality childcare program! To Morgan Rothschild, quality, continuity and longevity of staff is a priority. Our salary schedule and staff benefits are given special attention in our budget to assure that we have the best staff available to care for and teach your children. At Morgan Rothschild, our team of teachers provides your child with learning development, warmth, safety, healthy food, enchantment and positive guidance throughout the day.

They are supported by a team that includes teacher’s aides, a kitchen manager, housekeepers, support personnel and management who are on the premises to help the Morgan team do what they do best – provide a learning foundation for your child’s success.

Qualification Requirement:

At Morgan Rothschild:

  • Primary teachers have a four-year degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field and teaching experience.
  • Other full time teaching staff generally has a two- or four-year degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field and teaching experience.
  • All staff members receive on-going training and attend weekly and monthly center planning meetings. All full time staff must be certified in Basic First Aid and C.P.R.
Staff/ Child Ratio:

At Morgan Rothschild, we have

  • 3 full-time teachers per 16 children in Nursery Room and Toddler Room.
  • 3 full-time teachers per 20 children in Preschool Room and Kindergarten Room.

    RoomTeacher to Student RatioToddler & Nursery1:5Kindergarten & Preschooler1:7