High Scope Curriculum and Core Foundations

Morgan Rothschild Academy adopts High Scope Curriculum for Infant, Toddler and Preschooler. Early childhood education professors from Harvard University and Stanford University designed our English curriculum. For the Chinese curriculum, We used Shanghai Municipal Education Commission-approved Chinese curriculum. The research based curricula and schedule models are implemented because they are proven to help your child learn and develop appropriately.

The High Scope schedule focuses on Plan-Do-Review. This routine encourages students to learn through their play to become ready for life in primary school and beyond. Students will plan out their day by telling a teacher what they would like do during work time. Then for about 30-45 minutes, students explore, create and learn in different areas of the classroom. Last, students discuss in a large group setting what activities they participated in during work time.

High Scope also focuses on the growth of social, intellectual, emotional, physical, language and creative development of your child. With the Child Observation Records each teacher has to complete, we are assuring that your child is learning and developing in all these areas. For math and science lessons in each classroom, Morgan Rothschild again adopts High Scope Research Foundation designed curriculum which allows children to develop knowledge of numbers, counting and awareness of shapes while completing lessons that encourage social interaction.

Our English curriculum, designed by Early Childhood Education and English Professors from Stanford, is a researched based reading instruction that inspires children to love reading. The curriculum includes phonics, word work, social science, science, oral reading fluency, read aloud books, leveled readers, songs and rhymes to recite. The curriculum also includes speaking and listening, so children become comfortable speaking English in enjoyable and exciting ways.

Morgan Rothschild Academy hires English teachers because these teachers have had rigorous training in early childhood education. The teachers are trained at a four year university, earning a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. These teachers are cheerful, loving, resourceful, positive and creative in their teaching styles, and the students tend take on the optimistic aspects of their teachers. English teachers help create a welcoming and caring environment for your child to learn and grow in.