The Best Of The Best For Your Child.

Researches show that the most important years of a child’s brain development and learning patterns occur from infancy to age five. 

Established in 2005, Morgan Rothschild Academy is dedicated to making the most of your child’s early years. Morgan Rothschild is designed to create an appreciation and advanced aptitude for learning and provide a long-term advantage at an early age.

It is our goal to build children’s self-esteem so they may develop the confidence to fulfill their potential.

To achieve this goal, at Morgan Rothschild we provide a warm, creative and welcoming atmosphere to foster young children’s security, curiosity and intellect.

Our curriculum is crafted and periodically reviewed to promote children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. In our view, children thrives best in a clearly structured program, which emphasizes creative expression through purposefully scaffolding “hands on” experiences and provides opportunities for play.

In addition, our structured bilingual program is also balanced with a free-choice time to share the control of learning with children so as to build their self-confidence, self-discipline and to encourage respect for others.

Our program also focuses on the building of children’s characters and good habits. This is done by investing dedicate the first two years at MRA to helping children to learn self-care skills and social skills.